Ricardo Arjona – “Nada Es Como Tu” Single Review



Singer-songwriter, Ricardo Arjona released his most recent single “Nada Es Como Tu” today, two years after the release of his previous album Viaje. “Nada Es Como Tu” is an acoustic song that focuses more on the lyrics more than the music. Arjona and his guitar prepare for his upcoming album, Apagué la Luz y Escuché.

Arjona’s romanticism is why woman swoon over his songs like “Nada Es Como Tu”

Arjona has never really been your typical pop star as his personal and musical style is reminiscent of a musical poet or troubadour. His lyrics make you think and go straight to your heart even with songs that might not be about love like “Nada Es Como Tu.”

Taking to social media, “Nada Es Como Tu” was previewed to fans over the last few weeks. The hype even received attention from Billboard, which posted an article about the upcoming song and album. Arjona’s previous album debuted at #1 on the Billboard Latin Album Chart, and his Viaje Tour was one of the highest grossing tours of 2015.

The song, “Nada Es Como Tu” is a profession of love, which is like many of Arjona’s songs. A romantic at heart, he sings, “I meditated in the Himalayas, went to hell and came back, kissed a goddess in Hollywood, but after all of that, I know that nothing, nothing, is like you.” His lyrics aren’t like classic pop stylings. He guides you into his life and attaches a world surrounding you and him for a connection is that deeper than most. This romanticism is why woman swoon over his songs and him.

His lyrics, by far, make him unique; but for me, I am not a huge fan of his music. There might be numerous hits that I enjoy; but for the most part, Arjona is not a favorite in my book. I like that he took a chance on releasing the first single from his upcoming album as acoustic, though I am not sure how well that will do on the airwaves. It seems too slow. It will be interesting to see if a musical version will be on the album or not.

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