CNCO – “Quisiera” Single Review


The boy-band CNCO released their second single, “Quisiera.” with hopes of continuing the success they found in the Latin-American communities in the US. Their first single, “Tan Facil” gained them instant fame with the adolescents who watched Univision’s “La Banda.”

“La Banda” was the televised competition similar to “Making The Band” where the creators of NSync auditioned boys to make the pop group, O-Town. With Ricky Martin as a backer, “La Banda” formed a five-member band like Menudo and Magneto. Five members are usually the standard for a boy-band. The winner’s of the contest created the group, CNCO or “Cinco” which means five.

CNCO’s “Quisiera” is an urbanized romantic ballad

The odds of CNCO continuing past the possible second album are slim and stack against them from the start. Most popular boy bands have a shelf life of 5-10 years if that. There is nothing special about these five boys that scream superstars.

The song, “Quisiera” is an urbanized romantic ballad that gives it just enough rhythm that isn’t a ballad, and lacks the grab of your attention. Group’s such as them should be able to capture you and make them a “guilty pleasure” because anyone in their right mind that loves disposable pop groups never like to admit it. But CNCO’s “Quisiera” made me feel a little embarrassed that I was listening to it in public. Shame should never be the case with music.

Even the group’s first single, “Tan Facil” lacked a connection for me. I feel that once the hype of the show, “La Banda” dies down, the publicity of the band will too. I find it funny that the group has yet to release a full album, and they are resting on two songs to gain worldwide fame. The boys have moved their attention to capturing Mexico after promoting “Tan Facil” in the US. It is possible they are hoping to ride on the coattails of Mexico’s new addiction to group’s like CD9.

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