Flashback to the 80’s with Flans in Houston


2016-05-27 22.03.51In a city that is known for horrible turnouts to concerts, Ilse+Ivonne+Mimi, also known as Flans, managed to fill Houston’s Arena Theatre even with a rain storm that flooded half the city. Houston’s music scene for pop and rock music has never been popular, especially in the Latin communities and it was great to see that so many people wanted to relive the 80’s with one of Mexico’s greatest pop bands.

2016-05-27 22.02.06Ilse, Ivonne & Mimi demonstrated that music is universal and unite a city of diversity for the love of Flans

When the doors opened, there were probably only about 30 people in the lobby. The concert was supposed to start at 8:30, and as that time came around, only a third of the circular theatre was filled. In the past, even huge artists like Thalia had only gathered about 200 people for a Houston concert and felt quite sad that the concert was going to start with an empty concert hall.

Maybe the reason Latin concerts usually start about two hours late is that fans don’t have a sense of urgency. When the show started a little after 10 pm, the room was packed. As the fans trickled in, we weren’t the only “gringas” in the auditorium, though most other one had a Latino attached to their arm. Girls, mostly in their late 30’s and 40’s, dressed in their best 80’s drag (which usually meant that they dressed like Madonna from the 80’s). I had to laugh because Flans never dressed like that.

2016-05-27 22.03.21Because I know Houston’s Latin community has a strong attachment to Norteno, Banda, and Corridos, I didn’t think that these people would even know half of the music. To my surprise, the entire room was singing along to songs other than “No Controles”. It proves once again that Houston can surprise the best of us.

Flans (Ilse, Ivonne y Mimi) began their show with one of the tracks from their Primera Fila album “Yo No Seria Yo”, which I don’t remember having a wide released in the US. The girls had to walk through the audience to get to the stage. Fans still sang at the top of their lungs. The stage was circular and spun throughout the entire show to allow all fans to see the group perform.

Between the hits from all of Flans’ albums, the band also took a journey of favorite songs from the past decades by singing songs from other artists. These songs included: “Verde Mas Alla” from Jenny and The Mexicats, “No Podras” from Cristian Castro, and “Barco A Venus” by Mecano. The crowd went wild with “Barco A Venus” which hand everyone on their feet having a party with the group. It was so magical that I could feel goosebumps on my arms.

2016-05-27 22.15.15During the romantic portion of the show, I was surprised to see that Mimi changed “Horas,” which she sang during the Primera Fila concert. Instead, she sang, “Finge Que No”, which came from her debut solo album in the 90’s. And still, the fans knew that song too and sang along with her.

The one thing that hasn’t changed with Ilse, Ivonne, and Mimi, is their stage presence. Ilse still acted like she was a teenager, Mimi is still hysterical and loves to joke around with the fans, and Ivonne is as dark and mysterious as ever, but she still has her quirky personality. Together, their chemistry is perfect and makes for an entertaining show no matter if you speak Spanish or not, like my wife and I. My wife, who doesn’t speak Spanish at all, really enjoyed the show and Mimi is now her favorite member.

I don’t know how long Ilse, Ivonne, and Mimi will be around this time, but if you have to opportunity to see the group in concert, I totally recommend the show. They will not leave you disappointed.

For more videos from the Houston concert, visit our YouTube channel.

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