11:11 – “Dime” Single Review


32064043_500_500While surfing Spotify for new music, I came across this little indie band called 11:11 and their single “Dime”. This was probably one of the hardest bands I have had trouble finding anything about. This just seals my severe issue with these indie bands trying to be clever by naming themselves something “cool” like 11:11 and excepting someone to actually find them. Who in their right mind told these guys that this name was a good name for a band?

I swear, I should just ban anyone that has a stage name that makes it ultimately hard to google search. I mean, there is a singer from Spain that just goes by the name of Sara. You can’t even search “Sara from Spain” and find her. Okay, so sorry for my rant over stupid band names that shouldn’t even exist. So, 11:11 or Once Once hails from Mexico and this is the first single of a boy band that is no longer a boy band.

11:11’s “Dime” has the potential to be a great start for this hipster band

When the single was released, this group had four members to them. Donovan, Edoardo, Mauricio, and Sergio; but just recently the band announced over social media that Mauricio and Sergio were no longer part of the group. If the group is only up one single and half of their band leaves, I don’t know if it bodes well to the status of the band. It could be a good thing that two members have left and the ones still around are the key elements to the group.

This hipster rock band are no more than just some guys with a lot of free time, that know how to play instruments, that spend a lot of time posting typical teenage videos on twitter and snapchat, and post cover videos on YouTube, but they have found over 20,000 fans on Twitter for one song that is pretty decent. I am all up on supporting artists that are serious about their careers and are working toward the ultimate goal of making a name for themselves. It is hard to take the band seriously when the first think I see on their Twitter account is Spongebob gifs.

Maybe I shouldn’t judge a band by it’s twitter account, but the song has been released a year ago and 11:11 has nothing new on the music side; and that is sad because the song was pretty good and if the two members left would release or promote some new music, then we could be honored to support them 100%, but until then…we can move on.

11:11 can be found on Twitter at: @ONC3ONC3
And members Donovan and Edoardo are found at  

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