Lucah – “Pasaporte” Single Review


lucahIndie duo from Mexico, Lucah, has been busy working on a bunch of singles that they have released on social media and streaming services like Spotify; but their most current single was released this month. “Pasaporte” is the group’s third single; which hopefully will turn into a full album soon.

Lucah’s “Pasaporte” leds to excessive humming and bouncing

Band members, Luis Fer and Carlos Colosio, have been gaining fans around Mexico and even recently won the New Artist award from Fans Choice Awards, which is similar to the US’s Kids Choice Awards from Nickelodeon. Beside the three singles the group has released officially, the guys turn to YouTube to showcase their talents and share with their fans videos of them performing covers of songs like “Voy A Olvidarte” by Reik.

“Pasaporte” starts off with just a guitar and a snap of fingers, then adds a little more instruments, before added a full band to the chorus. The beat and rhythms are slower and have a little jazzy tone to them. This style of pop music is what many of the young artist of today are doing; but I think you could go back to some of the songs from the 70’s and hear similar styles. It has a great bounce to it and the music is so easy to sing with and it gets into your brain quickly. This makes to song contagious and you find yourself humming it and then go, “Where did that come from?”

This goes the same with the band’s second single, “Me Gustas Tu”. Their first single was a romantic ballad entitled, “A Escondidas”. The voices are strong and lend itself well with the style of music the duo is preparing themselves with. I think a full length album is well deserving and hope that they get it soon.

Lucah is pretty active on social media, so follow them on Twitter at: @LucahOficial

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