Jencarlos Canela – “Baby” Single Review


Jencarlos has been celebrating the fame that he has gained in the US with his acting on the popular television program called “Telenovela”, which he stars along side Eva Longoria, as a former boyband member, turned actor and starring in a popular Spanish-language soap opera. Could the life similarities be any more canny. Jencarlos began his career as a member of a not so popular group, Boom Boom Pop, and then turned to acting where he has gained lots of success.

Jencarlos falls into the over-saturated music pool of urban duets

In 2009, Jencarlos released his first solo album and has been balancing the combination of music and acting well. The two years, Jencarlos has been releasing singles via social media and streaming devices instead of producing a complete new album. The newest single, “Baby” features Lennox, who is part of the Puerto Rico reggae group Zion Y Lennox.

Jencarlos seems to be just one more artist who are stepping away from their original genres of music to break into a market that has a million and one other people in. “Baby” isn’t a track that is going to fly off the shelves and become a national or international hit like Enrique Iglesias’ “Bailando”, which was one of the first strong songs that was able to crossover artists and put a pop artist into the world of reggae and urban island flairs.

Due to the success Jencarlos has had recently, I can see that this phase of music is going to make him a few dollars just because of he’s another follower into the over-saturated musical pool of urban duets that are filling up the databases of Spotify and other online music outlets. Nothing special Jencarlos is giving his fans. Sorry. We will pass…

You can follow Jencarlos on Twitter at @jencarlosmusic

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