LemonGrass: The New Onda Vaselina or Timbiriche?

N-E5-10S22_Drupal Main Image.var_1440300249It is well known that children’s music in Mexico is a big money making business. Families go out in groves to this carnivals and festivals to see mini-concerts and have fun on carnival rides, this is why artists like Tatiana can make a good living at it. Even back in the 80’s kid groups like Timbiriche started out as 8-10 year old kids and grew up on stage. Onda Vaselina (OV7) started that way too. While there are those who survive growing up on stage, the odds that a kid’s group such as the new LemonGrass will survive more than a few years are very slim. Hopefully when their five minutes of fame are up, there will be at least one of the member who has enough talent and drive to go one to be the next Ricky Martin.

LemonGrass is a new group that was formed by Bobo Productions, which is owned by Ari Borovoy of OV7. The group is made up with 3 boys and 4 girls, just like OV7 and Timbiriche was. The combination seems to be a winning number of members. Their members are: Sophie, Nathan, Paula, Emiliano, Jelly, Yael, and Ivanna.

Ari Borovoy spoke about what makes LemonGrass different than other kid groups, “There are no other groups that sing music like they do. There are those who sing classic kid’s songs like “Pin-Pon” but our music is more modern. And they get their draw via social media because no one sits down and listens to radio anymore, they go to social media now.”

LemonGrass has been focusing all the attention to social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, but are just getting started with their first few singles. The group released a two-track single which consists of “Me Hizo Volar” and the English version of that song, “Emily Taught Me To Fly” this year, and previously released another single called, “Mi Mundo Gira Contigo” last year which also had an English version. The group’s idea is to have the songs in both languages to help with an eventual crossover.

The group’s song “Me Hizo Volar” is fun and enjoyable. They don’t sound like a bunch of kids hollering over each other like I have seen in previous kids groups, like early Microchips. Vocally and musically, the group has a good sound and the production of the song is spot on for reaching a young tween demographic which is severely lacking good young talent. Will LemonGrass be the next OV7 in ten years or so; it is hard to say. The music industry is changing so much that it is a guessing game of what will be good tomorrow. The odds are stacked against them from the beginning because of their age and it is hard to say what they will grow up and want out of life; but for now…today, LemonGrass is good summer fun music for kids.

LemonGrass can be followed on Twitter at: @GrupoLemonGrass

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