Lalo Brito and Danna Paola – “Mientras Me Enamoras” Single Review

Danna Paola returns to music with first single, duet with teen idol, Lalo Brito


lalo brito

Lalo Brito, young singer who started his career as part of the “Nueva Banda” Timbiriche, is the lucky young man who gets to be side by side with Danna Paola as she returns to the music industry, after spending time acting. Danna Paola had three successful infantile albums by the time she was ten years old. Now, all those kids who were fans of hers are now all grown up and are ready to see a new side to her. We saw the teenage Danna Paola with a full length album by Universal Music released in 2012; but now she is twenty-one and ready to shed her kid image good-bye.

The song with Lalo Brito is a acoustic style pop song that is gaining popularity with the Mexican radio stations. This is the style of music that a lot of the young artists are recording. No longer are the talent coming out with their own albums dispensable. At one time, all a person needed to record an album was a look and even that was manufactured based on what the industry was lacking. Now, artists like Lalo Brito know how to play instruments and are taking the time to write their own songs. With so many different outlets to get music played, all you need is an MP3 file and radio stations are playing young indie artists right next.

“Mientras Me Enamorar” combines both of their voices well together. Sometimes on a duet, you can hear the forced chemistry; but here the two of them have similar styles and sounds that compliment each other. The official video has over 1.8 million views on it and the reviews from the fans are positive for the most part.

You can follow Danna Paola on Twitter at:@dannapaola
and Lalo Brito at: @lalobrito

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