Joaquin Sabina Joins Pedro Guerra for new duet (Review)



Joaquin Sabina’s rock influences have made him viable as one of the many artists we can feature; and with today’s New Music Friday, we decided to feature our first review with Joaquin.

Joaquin Sabina adds a rock edge to a classic folk sound of Pedro Guerra

The songs is almost a bolero, and Pedro Torres, who is a singer songwriter that has a prolific career for over 20 years in Spain where he was classically trained as a musician at a prestigious conservatory. Pedro’s style of music is considered to be folk music from the Canary Islands of Spain mixed with contemporary styles; much of which is heavy acoustic guitars with Latin percussion.

Joaquin Sabina has had a substantial career with over fourteen studio albums in Spain, and is considered one of the founders of “rock en Espanol” within his country. His reign over the rock charts in the eighties and nineties within his native country made him beloved to the communities that focus mainly on rock or folk rock.

Together, the two musicians have embraced the classic folk sound that Pedro Guerra is known for but added that classic Spanish guitar riffs that Joaquin Sabina gives to add just enough of a rock edge to make for an enjoyable duet that might spill over into the younger fans of rock music if they have more of an open mind that just hard banging drums and electric guitars. The classic rock flair of this single could entice some to dig deeper into their country’s culture.

Joaquin and Pedro dedication to music and their roots shine very well with this single and I look forward to hearing more from this album, which is due out next week.

You can follow Pedro Guerra at @_guerrapedro
Joaquin Sabina doesn’t seem to have a Twitter account, but an unofficial fan twitters with many followers are at @joaquinsabina and @joaquin_sabina.


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