Nicole Celebrates 27 Years of Music With New Single


I first heard about Nicole’s music when her US record label sent me a copy of her album, Panal, for review and I thought the album was great. This year she is celebrating 27 years of music all over her social media pages with a playlist of her best songs on Spotify.

On April 1 (yes, April Fool’s Day) Nicole released a new acoustic version of her 1989 hit entitled, “Tal Vez Me Estoy Enamorando”. The original version was released when she was just twelve years old and was composed by musician and producer Juan Carlos Duque. The sweet sound of the young singer conquered an entire country in the midst of democratic transition. The song is about free love that almost ever teen or youth could identify with and being one herself at the time, the country fell in love with this girl.

Fans got to hear her adult voice sing the song in 2010 on her live album, “Nicole 20 Años”. And now that she is celebrating 27 years, how appropriate that she re-record the song that made her child star to begin with. “Tal Vez Me Estoy Enamorando” is now all grown up though you can still hear the innocence of the ghost of a young girl who is no longer there; but if you listen closely Nicole’s voice can still show the girl she once was in the chorus.

I am not a huge fan of acoustic versions of song’s, but Nicole does a great job of bringing a very dated 80’s track to a more raw form with this new version. Nicole’s fans are super supportive with over 236K followers on Twitter, we are sure that these die-hard fans are loving the pure untouched vocals of Nicole during this new version. “Tal Vez Me Estoy Enamorando” really shows how much Nicole has grown over the years.

You can follow Nicole on Twitter too at: @nicolemusica

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