Chico Y Chica Announce New Album+Book “Notario”

ah038-portaditaThis is one of those times I wish my Spain was better than it was. It was announced today that the Spainish alt-pop band, Chico Y Chica are releasing their new work as an album as well as a book. Here is the basic translation of what I could find out about the new release, which is due out May 6, 2016.

The CD+Book is centered around a science fiction story where the group will remake some of their songs from the repertoire, toned down almost naked versions with new arrangements. The song and book with go hand in hand as a soundtrack, audio book, and written songs.

The book Notario is broken down into chapters of what will be: “Cuaderno de apreciaciones de Raquel, la sensación de Calisto”, a romantic science fiction story set in the future with original artwork and many footnotes along they way, which can almost be read as a parallel story. It also includes a introduction chapter, the CD album and a postcard with a current picture of the group members.

Chico Y Chica’s memories and insights are shaping a unique and exciting intimate journey into outer space with: fake planets, conflicted robots, weddings, horror, romance, biodiversity in space, fitness , environmental conspiracy, and miracles. The idea of this record-book stems from a show their performed in 2014, which they called “a spoken concert”.

The tracks of the album include:

  1. Cenas y cines
  2. El sacerdote robot
  3. No me preguntes la hora
  4. Germán
  5. Quiéreme Doctor
  6. Pontormo, un satélite cálido
  7. Tú qué sabes
  8. La sensación de Calisto
  9. Tú lo que tienes que hacer
  10. La nave táctil
  11. Findelmundo
  12. Revelación en Remedium
  13. Vaquero
  14. El equipo que me tocó
  15. Los chicos de Arnedo

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