Indie Corner: Dori Loli (Puerto Rico)


Hunting music down is one of the things I enjoy more than anything and sometimes the best artists and songs are people who are “doing it for themselves”… Indie artists in the US are all over the place and guess what, it’s the same with the Latin American world and as I scour Twitter and Spotify for new music in hopes to find my new favorite upcoming artist. I found out about people by accident or they find me. A lot of the artists I have been finding lately have been new and indie artists that might have just one or two songs out their, but have been plugging away on places like SoundCloud and YouTube covering other artists just to gain a fan base big enough to release more music. Being indie is friggin hard… and I applaud them for getting out there and trying to do what they love. I think of myself as indie too. I am an indie journalist and music critic trying to make a name for myself, just like they are. This is why I have created The Indie Corner, so we can spotlight some of these up and coming artists that I find good. Today, we meet Dori Loli.

I found Dori Loli from a Raquel Sofia, who we found on iTunes. Dori Loli is a singer songwriter that plays the guitar. She released a EP with two acoustic songs on iTunes and Spotify streaming; but it doesn’t stop there. Dori is always posting covers to songs like “Asi Fue” by Playa Limbo on SoundCloud. All the songs she performs are just her, her guitar, and her voice. She has a good voice and chooses songs that fit her vocal range, I haven’t heard anything that I am screaming “WHY!!!!!!!!!!!”

Dori was also vocalist to a Puerto Rican rock band called and the band has self published an album on CD Baby. It’s been about two years since Dori Loli has released anything via iTunes but with YouTube, you can always hear her singing.

I think Dori has a great voice and I would like to see her get an album deal because I could see her becoming part of my collection if she keeps with the same style of music, just needs to add more instruments to her recordings.

You can follow Dori Loli on Twitter at @doriloli and you can listen to more music from Dori at

2 thoughts on “Indie Corner: Dori Loli (Puerto Rico)

  1. I believed in Dori the first time she set foot in my studio. Like you, I strongly support Indie music. I do it as recording engineer. I met Dori when was Moon over August. MOA metamorphized in my studio into It was a tremedous experience to work with her and the team. This girl is going places……


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