Madame Récamier and Flor Amargo – “Maldito Corazon” Single Review

600x600bb-239An artist that we recently had the privilege to hear, Madame Récamier has been on our rotation regularly with her album “imaGina”. When I saw her twitter account recently, I saw she had a new single out that she was promoting. While exploring the single which was released last year, I noticed a newer single that was released this year which is a duet with Flor Amargo from Mexico, called “Maldito Corazon”.

“Maldito Corazon” is like nothing I have heard or have on my iPod. Picture the music from an old silent film like something with Charlie Chaplin in it. Now, add lyrics to that music and this is the song “Maldito Corazon”. I feel like I am in an old vaudeville show with a piano off to the side and two people on stage performing a comedy act on stage. I am not sure if this song with qualify for “pop music”, but since Madame Récamier does fall in this category we get to talk about this little cute duet that she recorded.

Now because I had never heard of Flor Amargo, I decided to check her out too to see if she is someone I might want to explore musically. Guess what, she is. Damn, I love new music and exploring new artists. Flor Amargo’s most current album is an album of duets which features one with our new favorite artist, Mon Laferte. And from her 2010 album, Carrusel, the song “No Te Atrevas” totally rocks out. Yes, Flor Amargo is someone I need to have in my collection.

If you get a chance, check out “Maldito Corazon” on spotify:

You can follow Madame Récamier at @madamerecamier and Flor Amargo at @FlorAmargo

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