Los Rabanes – “Miami Swing” Single Review

500x500I can’t find a studio album from Los Rabanes since 2013 when they released their album “Urban Rock”, since then the Panamanian rock band has been releasing live albums and a few singles here and their, like this one “Miami Swing”.

I don’t know a lot about Rabanes’s discography, except for a new songs that I have heard and collected, like “My Commanding Wife”, over the years. Compared to that “Miami Swing” is almost a 180 turn for the album but at the same time you can still hear the classic sounds of Rabanes. This single features the band with guest artists JRuiz and Japanese, and together “Miami Swing” is a like a big giant Latin party.

The song is electronic and catchy and is a lot of fun. While I probably wouldn’t have sought this single out myself, I am kinda glad I found it. It might make me open up more chances with artists that I normally don’t follow or the guest starring artists. If you like fun summer songs, take a dollar and download the single; you won’t be disappointed in owning this.

You can follow Rabanes and their current tour at @LosRabanes on Twitter.

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