Carlos Baute – “Perdimos El Control” Single Review


With 9 million listens on Spotify and 7 million video views, Carlos Baute, Venezuela singer and actor, has found a hit with “Perdimos El Control”, a single that he released in the late fall of 2015. Who needs an actual album anymore these days when you have social media to promote one song at a time. This seems to be what Carlos Baute has done over the late few years, releasing singles and duets since his last album in 2013.

The single, “Perdimos El Control” was destined to be a hit because it sounds so similar to hits like “Bailando” from Enrique Iglesias. The riffs and beats from each song for someone who can’t tell the difference between two different latin songs would think these are the same. Now, mix that with a video of Carlos Baute having sex all over the video with a beautiful model, hell yeah. How can you not have a hit?

Guys want to be Carlos and girls want to be the girl under him. Who doesn’t believe that sex sells. I guess my question is that if the video wasn’t him half naked all over the place, would the song have had the same success if he was just standing on a stage singing. My guess, maybe not because of the way that the music sounds too much like everything out there now, a maybe actually a little too late. I’m not saying it’s a horrible song because like Enrique’s “Bailando” it’s a catchy song and so is “Perdimos El Control”. “Perdimos El Control” has also been released with a Urban Remix.

Carlos Baute started his career in boyband from Venezuela, Los Chamos; then recorded many solo albums in Venezuela. Now, Carlos has moved his home to Spain where he has taken a Spanish citizenship.

You can follow Carlos Baute on twitter at @carlosbaute

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