Mon Laferte Goes Back in the Studio for Volume 2


mon-laferte (1)During the middle of the night, Indie artist from Mexico, Mon Laferte posted this photo on social media outlets telling everyone she is back in the studio recording Volume 2; (the follow-up album to Mon Laferte Vol 1) and this news pleased everyone here at

Last year, Mon Laferte released her third full length album entitled Volume 1 and the first single, “Amor Completo.” With Volume 1, Mon Laferte has been successfully making a name for herself in the alternative rock circuits of Latin America and even the US, playing at the popular SXSW event in Austin, Texas. It is great to see this talented young artist doing so well and getting the recognition she deserves.

The follow up to Mon Laferte Vol 1 is still a mystery to her fans

Information about the new album is almost nothing, but we will be keeping an eye on Mon Laferte’s social media account for more info. We do know that Manú Jalil, the musical director for both Mon Laferte and Sofi Mayen, has a big part of the album. Manu Jalil posted a video of the artist in the studio to tease us, but the video had no audio, so fans have no sample of what is to come. Video can be viewed at:

The album is being recorded at Norte 24 Studio in Mexico City, which is where Mon Laferte recorded her last album. Right now, Mon Laferte is promoting “Tu Falta De Querer”, from Mon Laferte Vol. 1. We look forward to Volume 2 and more little teases from the production of the album.

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