Miguel Cancel – “Fun Fun Fun Fun” Single Review

R-8306936-1459035212-8707.jpegOne of my most prized possessions when it comes to my music collection is this 7″ 45RPM of Miguel Cancel’s first single ever, “Fun Fun Fun Fun”… Now, that is a lot of FUN and trust me, the songs are just that. I have been wanting to write an article about this single for some time now, but one of the things I wanted to make sure I could do was to have people listen to it. It took so hook up, new equipment purchases, and the proper software (which I did not have for quite a while) to make this happen.


After Miguel Cancel left the group early in 1983, his plan was to become a soloist and Miguel had the love, devotion, and talent to become the first “Ricky Martin”… Okay, so he wouldn’t have become Ricky Martin, but Miguel was destined for stardom; and we know this by who wrote the song and produced it. It was none other than Doug Fieger of The Knack, who co-wrote the hit song, “My Sharona”. It wasn’t by luck that Miguel was able to get such a powerful singer/songwriter behind his first single. Plus, Miguel was signed with Lorimar when he left the group.

“Fun Fun Fun Fun” is a terrific song in both languages, though Miguel’s English wasn’t perfect making some of the lyrics hard to understand in the English version. It is probably one of my favorite songs ever by a former member of Menudo. It is a perfect summer pop song that could get people singing along and Miguel’s vocals were perfect for the song.

Miguel spent much time in Los Angeles for the promotion of his music. He performed at street festivals, by himself, as well has co-headlining with then soloist and former Menudo member, Rene Farrait. He was featured on programs like En Vivo, a music video show hosted by Roland Hilda, and well as a news show called, “Entre Amigos”. The performance on “Entre Amigos” has ended up on YouTube and you can hear Miguel singing both the Spanish version of “Fun Fun Fun Fun” and his English single, “Communication”. Miguel even performed at Disneyland during his attempts to make it big as a soloist. On top of this single, Miguel made a low-budget movie with Mexican pop-star, Byanka. Miguel was on his way to a career of his own.

This is all we saw of Miguel Cancel. A full length album never was released. The 7″ that I own is pretty rare. I happened to find it by chance and honestly didn’t pay a lot for it because the person who owned it had no clue what he was selling. Every so often you can see someone selling an advertisement from Lorimar about an upcoming album that was to be released in February 1985, but no album has ever been found. We took the time to record both version of “Fun Fun Fun Fun” and put them to tribute video. We hope you enjoy these fun little videos and enjoy the music *And hope it doesn’t get taken off of YouTube.

Today, Miguel Cancel is touring with Menudo during their reunion tour. He also is an independent singer and has released various solo songs for downloading and has toured to South America on his own to promote his own music. Miguel can be followed at @MiguelCancelFCI on Twitter.

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