Natalia LaFourcade & Feten Feten – “Detras Del Mar” Single Review


feten_feten_detras_del_mar-portadaToday is “New Music Friday” and our first new song of the day is from Feten Feten, who released a new single featuring one of my favorite’s Natalia LaFourcade with a song called Detras Del Mar. The label made the song available today on streaming outlets as a well as iTunes.

The album “Cantables” available for pre-order on iTunes Spain and can get the duet with Natalia immediately. We tried to locate on iTunes US, but it is not available. We were able to locate the group’s first two album, but not this new one. Hopefully, soon we will be able to purchase here in the states.

The song that features Natalia LaFourcade fits perfectly in her repertoire as it is a little funky with strong ukulele and accordion instruments in the background that make it so not traditional and that is what makes Natalia perfect for this song. But this seems to be a Feten Feten’s sound all the way around. Previous singles from the album “Viajar Viajar” and “Treinta De Febrero” have similar sounds that make me feel like I am walking the streets of France.

Feten Feten is a duo from Spain who have made a name for themselves incorporating sounds from around the world and is, for the most part, instrumental; unless they included guest stars like Natalia LaFourcade. The upcoming album, “Cantables” is a follow up to the group’s 2015 release “Bailables” where they featured music like waltz, swing, calypso, and fox trots. When the new album is released, fans of Julieta Venagas are in for a treat as she will be singing along side the group in a song called, “Por Casualidad”.


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