Corizonas – “Todo Va Bien” Single Review

1458122176-TodoVaBienI truly love it when record labels promote their artists, and not just the most popular ones… I also love it when the music is good and fits what I like to have on my rotation. Corizonas is not a band I have heard of before, but them have been around for a while. The band toured in Spain in 2010 as various different groups, but various members joined together to form Corizonas and released an album called “Dos Bandas Y Un Destino”. They then released a twelve track English album called, “The News Today” which was inspired by many English language classic rock bands.

Corizonas returns with Toda Va Bien without losing their classic sound.

This year, Corizonas came back in the studio and give us a new track called, Todo Va Bien, which embraces the classic rock sound that they are known for. The single is available on Deezer and Spotify, now and the group, along with their label Subterfuge, are promoting the hell out of it. Good thing too; because I think they may have just gained a new fan. I love the retro feel of classic rock and the guys in the band have mastered it. I can’t tell if I am listening to the classic guitar sounds of the 60’s. I feel like I could be at Woodstock or the old clubs of Northern California listening to some up and coming band playing for a psychedelic crowd.

I am glad that the band returned to the Spanish language rock with Todo Va Bien, and hope that they will continue this route with their new album which is being talked about on social media outlets, though I have not been album to find much about it other than this first single. It is definitely worth the listen if you have any interest in classic rock.

You can follow Corizonas on Twitter at @corizonas.

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