“Florecita Rockera” Makes A Comeback With Aterciopelados


4983188252_b5bbaf9fa0_oIt has been 8 years since fans of Aterciopelados have had a new album; but the band is back with a live album called, Reluciente, Rechinante y Aterciopelado,
which will bring old classics, along with some new material.

“Now that we have returned as Aterciopelados, we prepare to offer new musical rhythms , which generates expectations for both the public and us , wanting to know what sound the band will have in this new facet.” says band member, Héctor Buitrago.

This new live album will bring some collaboration from Catalina García (Monsieur Periné) y Goyo (Chocquibtown), who are influential in the Columbian music scene, which will add some freshness to the group’s sound. Last year, the band released “Luz Azul”, which gave us a taste of the group’s new sound. It is strong with tropical rhythms, but keeps the group’s unique alternative rock sound that made them popular in 1990, when the group first began.

Aterciopelados hit it big in the late 90’s early 2000’s which their albums, earning countless Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations and help created the indie record label, National Records in the US. The group’s popularity goes hand in hand with their social efforts, as the group’s has been very vocal speaking out for environmental issues, especially in their home country of Columbia.

Aterciopelados brings a new earthy sound to an old favorite.

On April 8, the band will release the album and DVD of Reluciente, Rechinante y Aterciopelado, and will perform at large concert in Bogota on April 16th, where the group will perform their new music and style to their fans. The song “Florecita Rockera” has been the group’s anthem since released in 1995. The new version is really cool and I love what they did with the live version, but I am still a fan of the group’s harder rock sound that can be found in the original version of the song, as well as their first few albums.

I tend to think that the group’s social and political views influenced their sound too much and they became and little to cultural for my taste; but as more rock and pop artists are embracing their Latin heritages, we are hearing more and more Latin and island beats that separates regular pop music to Latin pop music. Some will say that it is great thing to incorporate those influences; but for me, I am taking a little longer to accept the new sounds. I have always been of the philosophy that pop and rock music is the same no matter the language, but I honestly can no longer say that as new “pop” is becoming more worldly and cultural.

You can follow Aterciopelados on twitter at: @aterciopelados

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