Rio Roma Debuts New Video “Eres la Persona Correcta en el Momento Equivocado”


MIAMI (March 11, 2016) – On Friday, March 11, Río Roma will premiere the highly anticipated music video for their hit single “Eres la Persona Correcta en el Momento Equivocado” (You’re the Right Person at the Wrong Time). Filmed in the scenic town of Jilotepec, in Mexico state, the video reveals the story of Ana, who’s happily engaged to Raúl Roma until she meets and falls hard for José Luis Roma.

We see Ana wearing her wedding dress while being driven to the church with her parents. She looks out her window at the beautiful scenery and can’t hold back her tears as she remembers the whirlwind of the past few weeks: committing to Raúl Roma, hearing José Luis Roma confess his feelings for her, breaking off her engagement with Raúl Roma, watching the brothers confront each other, and being obligated to marry on orders from her father. It’s a video that’s moving, vivid and suspenseful.

Directed by Kai Parlange and produced by Panorama Productions México, this video was crafted using a team of 35 professionals with two movie-quality cameras, along with over 20 actors, a crane, a drone, a mobile lighting system, horses and classic cars. In sum, a complex project that came together to create an unforgettable short film.

Río Roma’s latest album, available now, is also titled Eres la Persona Correcta en el Momento Equivocado, and is the most ambitious of their career. Raúl and José Luis Roma can be found exploring new rhythms and musical genres, as they approach for the first time such styles as cumbia, vallenato and reggae. Another appealing aspect of this album is the group’s selection of talented collaborators, including Los Ángeles Azules on “El Día del ex-Novio” (Day of the Ex-Boyfriend) and Fonseca on “Caminar de tu Mano” (Walk With You Hand in Hand).

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