Paty Cantu – “Valiente” Single Review


valientePaty Cantu had been without a new album since 2012 with her hit album Corazon Bipolar, but she has not been slaking around. Even without a new studio album, Paty has been on her “Drama Queen” tour, as well as duets with various different artists in Latin America. Recently, she recorded a duet with Andrea Bocelli of the song, “No llores por mi Argentina”, a cover of “Don’t Cry For My Argentina”. Added to that list is a new duet with Juan Gabriel which is featured on his new album.

Now it’s back for Paty Cantu to get back to her own music with a new single, “Valiente”. It is her classic sound that has made her popular with the young music buying crowds and they are loving the song because it has been number one on the top of the charts for weeks. I think it plans to stay there until she releases a full album with all new songs. The single if purchased on digital media comes with three remixes that I don’t feel are up to par with Paty’s style or genre.

Paty Cantu “Valiente” remixes can be skipped…

The Young Professional’s Remix is probably the worst of all. The remix does not flow and creates a song that is hard on the ears. The AtellaGali remix is not all that bad, but when you know that the team of DJs worked with Keane and Imagine Dragons, you can hear why the studios wanted it. The last remix is the PRC Salsa Choke remix, which is just a typical salsa flavored mix that I can take or leave.

The original version of the song “Valiente” is pretty good. I can see it getting plenty of rotation on my music playlists. I am looking forward to more new music from Paty Cantu and am giving the single four stars for the original version. I think that the remixes are just bonuses for die hard fans and don’t really count toward to the quality of the music. For the most part, remixes are not in my daily rotation, so I could care less about them.

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