Gustavo Cerati’s Album “Cerati ∞ Infinito” Available Now

2111948MIAMI (August 21, 2015) – Cerati ∞ Infinito is a special compilation of the late Gustavo Cerati’s most influential solo work. This collector’s item is on sale today.

The album includes artwork by Alejandro Ros and Gabriela Malerba, who had previosuly worked with the artist in the 90’s, photography by the renowned chronicler of Argentine rock Nora Lezano, and mastering by Cerati’s longtime sound engineer Eduardo Bergallo.

The album package also includes two poems dedicated to Cerati, one authored by his mother, Lillian, and the other by the late Argentine rock pioneer Luis Alberto Spinetta.

Infinito collects 19 unforgettable and influential songs from Gustavo Cerati’s solo albums Amor Amarillo (Yellow Love, 1993), Bocanada (Puff, 1999), Siempre Es Hoy (It’s Always Today, 2002), Ahí Vamos (Here We Go, 2006), and Fuerza Natural (Natural Force, 2009).

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