Mon Laferte – “Amor Completo” Single Review


We just reviewed Mon Laferte’s second album, Tornasol, and to get ready for the August 21 release of her third studio album, we downloaded the first single, “Amor Completo” and wanted to make sure we got the review in before the album release. I really dislike reviewing singles as I like to hear the songs as a whole, but since we are new to the whole Mon Laferte catalog, we are pretty much juicing in our pants for more music from this Chilean singer.

I found the first single from the upcoming album, “Vol. 1”, to be very different from what we heard on the previous album. It doesn’t mean that it is bad by any means; but if you are expecting the dark edgy alt-pop, you may be disappointed by “Amor Completo”.

Mon Laferte’s sultry sound brings out the sensual tones in her voice.

Acoustic guitars and lots of horns, the ballad of “Amor Completo” shows a more romantic side to Mon Laferte, this isn’t all bad. I feel like I have gotten a little more personal with the singer songwriter. The song reminds me of an old time torch song with a bluesy, jazzy, and sultry sound that brings out the sensual tones of her voice. I might be amazing if the whole album was similar in sound.

I tend to see this type of change in people like Natalia Lafourcade, who changes their style and sound for each album, keeping the world guessing what she might come up with next. The sound in the first single fits her voice so well, I can only imagine what the rest of the album will sound like. While, I am all for keeping a sound that works; I like that she has given us something completely new. Even the preview video she posted on YouTube showed us a softer more upclose and personal side to her and it worked.

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