Dellag Duffers – “Es Complicado” Single Review


Get your funk on with the new single from the local San Luis Potosi, Mexico indie band, Dellag Duffers. A while back, we did an artist spotlight on the band and gave you a brief history of the group and now we get to review some new music from the band. I am sure we will get to their album, Aunque Pudiera Volar soon.

We are a little behind on reviewing this, but there is so much music out there it is hard to get everyone as the music is released, but better late than never.

Dellag Duffers reminds me of a band that you would hear performing in the background of a bar in the hipster sections of Houston if they were singing in English. But… I don’t see Mexico really having a hipster section, but they may. That is where I find this band. “Es Complicado” gives us a little funk with some rock for a sound that makes them alternative.

Get funky with Dellag Duffers…the song has rhythm and soul

The male vocalist, who I think is Davo, has such a deep voice and sounds great singing songs with that funky rhythms. Gaby, who sings back up in the song adds a bit of freshness and makes the song not so heavy. The combination works, but I don’t see the music being the mainstream enough to bring this local group worldwide success and sometimes that is okay. When you find a style of music you like and that niche, you then find your market and can spend a lifetime making music.

Overall, the music is fun and can easily find a place mixed into your favorite songs. Follow Dellag Duffers on Twitter.

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