Robert Avellanet – “Shine Your Light” Single Review

Shine Your LiGHT_VIDEO_ARTEx-Menudo, Robert Avellanet has been working hard to make a new for himself in the independent music scene and his newest single, “Shine Your Light” has just been released digitally. A music video for the single will be coming within the next few days, per Robert’s facebook page.

Disco meets the spiritual world…

When I saw the cover art for the single on Spotify, I hoped that the disco ball would be an indication of what was ahead. It was. Take away the lyrics, and what you have is a 70’srific R&B disco jam. That is my jam. So, thank you Robert for going that direction with your music.

I normally don’t like to review English music unless the artist is more like 75% Spanish language and Robert tends to be a bit less than that, but he has that Menudo advantage going for him. I like Robert, personally. I was lucky enough to meet him a few times during his Menudo days, and I always had a soft spot for him, maybe that was because one of my besties back then was in love with him. So, I guess I tend to be a little more open to his music. And I give the boy props for trying to make a name for himself without really saying “Hey, look at me… I was in Menudo.”


The lyrics to the song are all about never giving up and to keep fighting like a lion (get the cover art), in order be successful (spiritually, not professionally). I can see how that might push away potential listeners, who don’t want to listen to “religious” music. But, I don’t think Robert did that here. I think he was going for more of a pick me up rather than preaching. I could totally see the Commodores or one of the many groups in the 70’s singing the same song.

I really hope that Robert releases a Spanish language version of the song in the future; but overall, it’s a pretty decent song.

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