Top 10 Menudo Songs of All Time

Menudo has had countless hits over the years, with just about as many albums as there have been members. 33 plus albums with many of those released in different languages…Narrowing it down to just 10 top songs proved to be a difficult task, but here’s my list. Let’s start from the beginning.

1508263#10 Los Fantasmas
In 1977, their first album, Los Fantasmas was released with original members Ricky Melendez, Carlos Melendez, Oscar Melendez, Fernando Sallaberry and Nefty Sallaberry. The title track to this album became a hit song for the group and it is a crowd favorite during their live shows now as El Reencuentro

#9 Hoy Me Voy Para Mexico
On the album Refrescante 1986 and was sung by Ray Acevedo. The lineup in those days was Sergio Blass, Ricky Martin, Charlie Massó,  Ray Acevedo and Robi Draco Rosa. Released in 3 different languages, Spanish, English, and Portuguese. All 3 versions were big hits.

#8 Viva, Bravo
Also released in 1986, the song appeared on the albums, Ayer y Hoy. But on the album Viva Bravo, which was released in Italian, it had the same 1986 lineup as in Refrescante. Both versions were sung by Charlie Massó.  By this time, popularity was due to their edgier and rock sound in this era. This was one of my favorite lineups.

220px-QuieroSer#7 Quiero Ser
The song and album with the same title were released in 1981. The boyish image of the early days was fading. It was a new and improved, sexier version. The popularity among teenage girls was growing rapidly. The song was sung by Rene Farrait. The lineup was Ricky Melendez, Rene Farrait, Miguel Cancel, Johnny Lozada and Xavier Serbia.

#6 Si Tu No Estas
On the 1983 album A Todo Rock, the song was sung by Ray Reyes. During this era, the lineup was Ray Reyes, Johnny Lozada, Ricky Melendez, Roy Rosello and Charlie Massó. This song was also released in English under the title “If You’re Not Here” and was on their 1984 crossover album, Reaching Out. This version was sung by Robi Draco Rosa.

#5 A Volar
In 1982, this song was on the soundtrack to the Menudo movie, Una Aventura Llamada Menudo.  It was sung by Miguel and their lineup consisted of Ricky Melendez, Charlie Massó, Johnny Lozada, Miguel Cancel and Xavier Serbia. This was the beginning of the golden era. The Menuditis fever was starting to spread. By this time, the group had popularity throughout Latin America and into the US, and usually was the opening song at all their live shows.

Menudo_Fuego#4 Fuego
The song, Fuego, was featured originally on the 1980 Menudo with Oscar instead of Miguel, but this album is not as well known. The group reissued the album in 1981 under the name Fuego and featured Ricky Melendez, Johnny Lozada, Rene Farrait, Xavier Serbia, and new member, Miguel Cancel. This is when the song really took off with a more modern sound (for the 80’s). It had a fun beat and fun lyrics, which were easy to sing, The choreography was also a must to learn among fan club members. And there were tons of them! I, of course, was a member of many.

#3 Hold Me
On the self-titled album Menudo 1985. There was actually 3 self-titled albums released, the first in 1981, this would be the second, and the third one was in 1986. The lineup on this album consisted of Roy Rosello, Ricky Martin, Charlie Massó, Ray Acevedo and Robi Draco Rosa. “Hold Me” was sung by Robi Draco Rosa and was the group’s first major English hit song. It reached #62 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

#2 Claridad
This song was also on the 1981 album Quiero Ser and was sung by all members. It was an instant hit and fan favorite with a fun beat, catchy lyrics, and choreography. It continues to be a fan favorite at El Reencuentro live shows. The fans still love to dance along to this one. This one is still my favorite Menudo song.


#1 Subete A Mi Moto 
Also on the 1981 album Quiero Ser sung by Rene Farrait. It was also released in English on the 1984 album Reaching Out entitled “Motorcycle Dreamer”. That version was sung by Ricky Melendez. Whenever the word Menudo is heard, people have the urge to say “Subete a mi moto!” That’s because the song was and continues to be the most popular song ever sung by Menudo. It was finale song back in the 80’s and still to this date is the finale song at El Reencuentro live shows today. Fun, upbeat, energetic! And who doesn’t love to do the motorcycle dance? I know I do!

So there you have it! The Top 10 Menudo songs.

Written by guest author, Margarita Rey.

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