Fifth Harmony – “Juntos” (2013) EP Review


Fifth Harmony has been blazing through the American pop charts after placing third in the second season of the XFactor. The five girls failed as soloists in the show’s competition, but afterward, the girl’s formed a group and qualified for the show’s “group” category. Three of the girls have Hispanic backgrounds, which allowed them to embrace that genre of Latin pop and try to connect with a broader market.

After the first EP, Better Together, was released and the group’s marketing people saw the potential the girls had, they recorded the same five songs for a second EP release, Juntos, was released digitally and CD. On the same date, they released a third EP called, Juntos Acustico, which was the same songs but acoustic versions of their Spanish language songs.

I don’t think that Fifth Harmony will go over well in the Latin pop markets just because I don’t think that their style is what places like Mexico are looking for. We saw girl groups like Jeans over the years and Fifth Harmony is definitely no Jeans. Right now, Mexico is back into the boy bands and male singers. Girls are out at the moment, from what I can tell.

The girls are singing like they want to be the next Christina Aguilar with strong soulful voices that I don’t think work well for a girl group. We need more pep and pop. Music doesn’t always transcend borders and what might work in the US, doesn’t always work in places like Mexico, which always seems to be one step behind the times. Maybe when Fifth Harmony is broken up in a year or two, the music will have a place in the Latin music market, but until then…I think they won’t make it as Latinos.

As for the music its self, it’s not bad but it is definitely Americanized and nothing major stands out with the EP or the group themselves.

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