Abraham Mateo – “Mellow Yellow” Single Review

Abraham Mateo - Mellow Yellow.png

At only 16 years old, Abraham Mateo has become one of the most promising pop artist of this year, and his success is only growing, especially with his new single, “Mellow Yellow”. The singer has demonstrated his talents in with various singles, as well as two albums of his own, “AM” and “Who I Am”, both of which featured songs in both Spanish and English. The monumental numbers of fans are similar to that we saw with young singers like Aaron Carter and Justin Bieber.

With the Universal Pictures animated film, Minions, due out today; “Yellow Fever” has broken out across the world and the film is projected to be a hit worldwide. Internationally, countries like Mexico and Brazil are having their own superstars voicing the characters instead of subtitles since the film is geared to youngsters. This also is true with the film’s soundtracks in various countries.

In Spanish speaking countries like Mexico and Spain, Abraham Mateo is performing the title track from the album, “Mellow Yellow”, which is sung in English. The song was originally released in 1966 by a Scottish singer/songwriter, Donovan, and was a hit in the hippy generation. With new rhythms and an updated sound, Mateo lends his voice to a version that is quite enjoyable. His English is good, but a stronger Hispanic accent is present when he says the words, “Mellow Yellow”.

The single is available for download and will be featured on the Latin soundtrack of the film, “Minions”. Don’t miss the theatrical version of the film, but if you are in the US, don’t expect to hear Abraham Mateo’s version. The non-Spanish language version will feature the original version sung by Donovan.

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