Mafer Chavana & Rene Farriat – “Rock En La TV” Single Review


You gotta love someone who can say, “Hey I wanna record this song with this person.” and yes that person happened to be Ex-Menudo, Rene Farrait and the girl is Mafer Chavana. It’s odd because, before this song, I had never even heard of this young girl from Mexico. But she is performing with various Menudos and dammit, the songs are good.

The duet sang the Menudo hit, “Rock En La TV”, which was made popular in 1981 by the band. Rene Farrait agreed to record the duet with her for an upcoming album, which is said to be a dedication to the Puerto Rican pop band. The album, A Volar…Tributo A Menudo comes at a good time with the return of the Menudo reunion El Reencuentro. Yes, this girl is capitalizing on the success of the six members, who have various concerts planned this year. But this is isn’t any different than in 1982 when a young girl named Karla Maria made a name for herself and was the envy of teenage girls when she sang original songs based on the group and the members. Songs like “Adios Rene” and “Mi Amigo Xavier” we played on the radio in Mexico and were theme songs for your favorite member.

The single and video for “Rock En La TV” was released today via social medias and fans are surprised with what song she recorded with Rene. During the 80’s, the original version of the song was originally sung by Miguel Cancel, so it is a little odd to hear Rene singing a song he wouldn’t normally sing, but none the less, Rene did a fabulous job at recreating one of the group’s hits with the little girl with lots of pep.

Along with Rene, Mafer also had the opportunity to record another Menudo song with Charlie Masso, another member of the Menudo reunion tour. He recorded the song, “A Volar”, which again was a song that Miguel Cancel sung in the group. The tribute album is scheduled to be released this summer.

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