Menudo Coming To New York for a El Reencuentro


Legendary Menudo members are ready to hit the Big Apple for a “One Night Only” concert

Members from the Puerto Rican 80’s pop sensation, Menudo will be performing in New York, NY at The Beacon Theatre on July 17, 2015. Ricky, Rene, Johnny, Miguel, Charlie, and Ray (Menudos from 1982-1983 line-ups) will be performing some of the group’s greatest hits and giving their fans something to scream about.

Fans, who are now adults, still scream and squirm in their chairs when the six members of the Menudo Reunion are talked about. They are reliving their childhood with songs that are a blast from the past like “Subete A Mi Moto”, “Quiero Rock” and others.  These fans are creating fan pages on facebook, where they share memorabilia and memories with each other and the guys themselves, who are very welcoming and friendly with their die-hard fans.

Because the guys are connected socially with all their fans, they wanted to keep that connection alive in person with various packages of “meet and greets” in New York. Packages can be purchased at

The Menudo reunion tour is called, “Together Again” and this tour has plans to hit major cities around the world, but it will not be a huge “world” tour like their 1998 tour. The six former members of the group reunited in 1998 for an experimental concert tour that was beyond anything they could imagine and lasted until about 2000. Other small reunions have taken place since then with other various members including a reunion tour in Brazil featuring Ray Acevedo, Roy Rosello, Ruben Gomez and other; as well as a “Los Ultimos Heroes” reunion that featured the members of the group from the album of the same name.

While those reunions were not as successful, it is probably the love that the crowd has for the band that took over the world between the years 1982-1983 that made El Reencuentro a success, but it also could be that the six members of the group have a loving brotherly bond that the others didn’t. Either way, you can experience Menudo El Reencuentro concert again in New York on July 17th at the Beacon Theatre.

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