Claudio Narea – ” Doctorado En Harvard” Single Review

11112_4561295I do loving finding new music, especially when that music finds me. When our twitter account got followed by someone named Claudio Narea and he said he was a “musico” so we followed him back and took a little look at this man’s career.

Claudio Narea is no stranger to the music industry with 30 years dedicated to it. He’s been a part of Chile’s greatest rock bands like Los Pseudopillos, Los Vinchukas, Los Prisioneros, and Profetas y Frenéticos. He is a musician and a singer-songwriter and has recently decided to go out on his own and become a soloist. I think every musician in bands eventually wants this for himself.

In 2000, Claudio set out to be a soloist and recorded a few solo albums. The first being a self-titled album and then the second album in 2006. It has been a while since Claudio has given some new music… but he is back this year with a new single called, “Doctorado En Harvard”. This will be the first single off a new studio album which was recorded in his own home studio.

Claudio talks about his album being along the lines of pop music and that he is walking away from the rock guitar sounds that he is known for. This is evident in the single, “Doctorado En Harvard” that has a little pop groove going for it. Compared to his earlier works, this new single is a complete change and is very fresh. I would never think about him and Los Prisioneros being in the same sentence, but look at what you can find out on Google. There is a long history there that includes a book written about his time in the group, which I won’t go into. But… the song, it’s good and I am looking forward to hearing more music from Claudio Narea.


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