Lalo Brito – “Aprender a Despegar” Single Review

laloWe featured Lalo Brito on our Mixtape Vol #12 with the song “Pegaditos”, but I decided I wanted to see if there was anymore from this singer/songwriter from Puebla, Mexico.

On Spotify, there is another single that was released last year. “Aprender A Despegar”, is the second single from a just released EP entitled, “Sentimientos Maltratados”. This ballad single features strong vocals and is definitely a good fit for his vocal range. While I enjoyed “Pegaditos” a little bit more, I would be happy to continue to listening to his career to see where he goes, now that we know where he started.

Lalo Brito was one of the seven finalists on the television program, “Buscando A Timbiriche”, a contest show where the members selected would win a spot in the ‘new’ Timbiriche. While the new Timbiriche did not become a hit or ever see success, the group of the seven winners did record an album.

After Timbiriche, Lalo was part of the “Empezar Desde Cero” tour with RBD and he also starred as “Link” in the Mexican edition of the theatrical performances of “Hairspray” and was also in Mexico’s “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Trying to stay relevant in the music industry, Lalo released his first solo single, “Pegaditos” which hit the Top 40 pop charts in Mexico.

We will continue to watch this guy and see if he can live up to what he has given us so far with his first two singles.


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