Ha*Ash – “Primera Fila – Hecho Realidad” (2014) Album Review


Oh HASH! Okay, it’s not HASH but HaAsh… don’t forget the star between the HA and the ASH. They want you to know that they are two different people. The sad part of HaAsh is that in Mexico, this is pop music…in the US, this would be Taylor Swift, a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll (ok pop not rock, but you get the idea). I can’t even believe that I mentioned Taylor Swift in my blog, but… how else do you discuss what these artists are doing. They are taking country pop music to mainstream pop and it is becoming popular. Me, I don’t like it one bit.

Back when the girls from Louisiana first came out with the debut album, “Mundos Opuestos”, my friend who worked with BMG tried to get to like them but after listening to the album, I knew this group was not for me. I will be the first to say I don’t like HaAsh. It doesn’t mean that the music is bad. HaAsh is doing well and is only getting stronger as they expand on their discography.

Discussing them as a whole, I don’t know who is who when I listen to this live album that was released as a part of Sony Music’s concert series, Primera Fila. Live these girls sound great with strong voices and the music is well played. It is a decent live album. The fans loved the show as they sung songs from all their albums. My issue is and probably always will be is the twang in their voices. This is why I hate country music in general.

I know I should probably be all up on this with the whole gay supporters, power to the rainbow, but as much as I try to like Ha*Ash, it just isn’t my jam. You can have your banjos, to me they don’t belong in pop music. Remember how I said that my opinion doesn’t mean it is bad music? Well, some highlights are “No Tiene Devolucion”, which is a strong country rock song that doesn’t have too much twang in their voices. If I could get more music like that, I would be happy.

I tend to think that is almost unfair to review their albums because I don’t consider them as a pop band, but more as a country artist. It the same as people like Pitbull or Prince Royce, who get lumped in Latin pop but really they are urban. Ha*Ash is just Latin country and not Latin pop; but since they get classified as pop because country music is not really an option in Mexico, I am reviewing it. I am giving it an unfair 2 stars because of there a few songs I don’t dislike, but it’s not the worst album I have heard.


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