Le Diference – “Aconitum” (2014) Album Review


It has only been until recently that my tastes in music have moved into rock music; I used to be a traditional pop girl. But as I experiment with other genres in music, I am finding out that I really in enjoy rock music; so I have been searching out new rock groups-both mainstream and indie. I found the band, Le Diference, on twitter which is a great place to find new music. Check out my article on why twitter is awesome for new music when you have a chance.

At first listen, the band that was formed in 2009 in Mexico City, Le Diference reminded me of early new alt bands like Caifanes, but with their underlying guitar riffs, I hear a lot of influence from The Doors. The lead vocals of Vannelo Cooper are so strong and captivating. There is almost a gothic sound to him, which I like. He seems very mysterious with his scratchy voice.

The album, “Aconitum” is the second album from this band of five members. They showed up on the scene with an EP, then released their first album “Hallucinations” which was under the production of Enjambre’s Julián Navejas.  After enormous success on the indie rock scene in Mexico, the band evolved and grew. It took two years to release their second album under the production of Gordon Raphael, who is well known for his work with The Strokes and Regina Spektor; which you can tell in how well the album sounds.

The longer I listen to the album, the more I fall in love with its sound…while it has that classic undertone, it is still fresh and new. I do plan I trying to locate a copy of their earlier works as they are not available on streaming places like Spotify. I definitely think people should give this album a listen, especially if you love bands like The Doors or INXS.

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