CD9 Featuring Abraham Mateo – “Para Siempre” Single Review


The ultimate boyband at the moment is CD9 from Mexico and we had found them when they first came out with their EPs; but now with a full album and a live album, they are dominating the teen and tween markets with their cuteness and their great pop music. Now all this happened over the last two years…but this year, they are starting out with a new single, “Para Siempre” which featuring young 16-year-old teen idol, Abraham Mateo.

You gotta love this resurgence of boy bands because it changes music for a while. It seemed that over the last few years, popular music was leaning toward an urban sound mixed with bachata island music…but straight up pop music is making a comeback and it is time to celebrate. “Para Siempre” is catchy and gets you out of your seat really fast. The combined vocals of CD9 and Mateo work well together and I can see where this song is going to make little girls squirm in their seats. It is high energy from beginning to end and I loved it.

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