Dani Martín Experiences Colombia With Series “Vive Colombia”


With an open mind and a guitar slung on his back, the critically acclaimed artist Dani Martín sets off on a different kind of project. Titled “Vive Colombia,” it’s an eight-episode documentary in which he explores Bogotá to experience the cuisine, music and vibrancy of Colombia’s rich culture. Dani Martín takes the opportunity to forge a strong connection with his fans and to share the best of Colombia with his viewers. “Although you come to show your music, it’s important to know whom you’re showing it to,” Dani Martín observes.

Dani Martín’s journeys give him the chance to highlight iconic Colombian destinations such as Bogotá’s Mount Monserrate and the salt mines of Zipaquirá. We see him performing in formal and informal settings, meeting his fans, talking about soccer, and singing on Bogotá’s historic “La Media Torta” stage. All eight episodes can be viewed via his VEVO channel: http://www.vevo.com/artist/dani-martin-1.

The vocalist and songwriter is convinced that, as a musician, he shouldn’t just share his creations with diverse audiences, but also truly feel the pulse of the city’s daily life. Interacting with Bogotá residents as any visitor would, Dani Martín enjoys an enriching stay in the city and its environs, while sharing his experiences with the viewers of his VEVO channel.

In addition, the often-interviewed artist takes on the role of interviewer. He talks soccer with the sports journalist Antonio Casale, and delves into the history of the historic stage nicknamed “La Media Torta” with Mario Muñoz of the Colombian band Dr. Krápula.

The music of Dani Martín is always present, and is represented by an intimate performance of “Mi Lamento” (My Lament) on piano, and his performance of “Cero” (Zero) at the Festival Bogotá Live.

This acclaimed artist also continues to promote Mi Teatro (My Theater), his recent live album recorded at Madrid’s Sports Palace and features special guests such as Joaquín Sabina, Joan Manuel Serrat, Alejandro Sanz, Axel, Hombres G and Leiva.

On September 26, 2015, Dani Martín is set to perform at Madrid’s landmark Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, a venue that’s hosted the world’s greatest musical talents.

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