Mexrrissey-A Quick Look Morrissey in Spanish

mexrrisseyAs a fan of The Smiths and even Morrissey to some extent, I was delighted to see some of my favorite musicians from Mexico got together and created a cover group for Morrissey. Created by Camila Lara (Mexican Institute of Sound), it brings together Jay de la Cueva (Moderrato, Fobia), Ceci Bastida (Tijuana NO!), Chetes, Alejandro Flores (Café Tacvba), and rounding out with Ricardo Najera on drums. A great line-up indeed.

After listening to “Ask” and “Every Day is Like Sunday”, they really held true to the power of Morrissey’s intent along with bringing a fresh sound to the heartbreaking melodies Morrissey is so well known for. I am an unabashed fan of covers that bring a new sound without losing the feel of the original song, and Mexrrissey does that amazingly well with their Latin alt-rock heritage. I feel confident that if this band ever puts out a full album of covers, it will be nothing short of amazing.

For now, we’ll all have to suffice with listening to “Ask” and “Everyday Like Sunday” on

Twitter @mexrrissey

Instagram @mexrrissey

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