Step Out – “Mientes” Single & Video Review

stepoutEvery time a band, singer or artist follows us on Twitter, we give them a listen in hopes to find our next favorite artists. Today, the artist of the day is: Step Out.

Step Out is an indie pop-rock band from Spain who has had a couple of EPs. Nothing we could find on iTunes, but we did find them on Spotify. Their official website is their Facebook page, which you can watch some of their videos like this one, “Mientes”. Band members of Step Out are Alex and Juan on guitars and vocals, Bruno on bass and chorus, and Carlos as the drummer.

Not much is known about them at this time, other than what has been said on their facebook page:

The song surprised me on how good it is. It flows well and has a great rhythm. The vocals are strong and the chorus is good enough to catch on and after a couple listens you are singing along. As for the video, it’s a basic “here we are” type that just features the guys playing in a rehearsal atmosphere. Sometimes, basic is all you need when you are trying to decide whether you want to give these guys a listen further. We did.

We have added them to our Spotify list and they will be featured in January’s Mixed Tape on Spotify. We hope you like them as much as we did.

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