Ricky Martin “Disparo Al Corazon” Single Review

disparo_al_corazon_coverIt is natural to compare new music to older music, especially when you have an artist like Ricky Martin. You have the fangirls/boys who will say that everything Ricky Martin does is perfect and wonderful and is the best ever, but that really is not the case all the time.

This is one of those times.

I love Ricky and I would say that I have all his albums and he is one of those people that I collect down to the various releases, but I do believe that Ricky has off albums and songs. Thus you go back and compare previous songs to his new work.

“Disparo Al Corazon” was released today for download and streaming. I don’t like to download music that I am going to buy in physical media like this, so I used Spotify to review the song.

My first listen, I was unimpressed as I thought back to some of Ricky’s other ballads and this just doesn’t have the power as some of his previous hits; but then you remember that Ricky Martin is no longer the same Ricky since he has come out as gay and he seems to not be as intense as before. Maybe this is a good thing.

My second listen was a tad better as I am realizing you can’t really compare Ricky anymore. His previous life was different. It’s like comparing angry Alanis Morrisette, to calm Alanis. Two different people. This is Ricky now. Yeah, we have had albums since his change, but Musica+Alma+Sexo was his coming out album, he had something to prove. Now, that he is past his change, Ricky is more himself than ever.

By the fourth listen, I am not a fan yet; but it is growing on me. Sometimes it works like that, music has to be ingested over and over for it to stick. I may come back to this review in six months and change my opinions, but meanwhile, I will leave it as a like, not a love.

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